Where are Your 20 Minutes of Perfect?

A couple of weeks ago while running a recovery support group at The Foundation Clinic, the topic moved onto how sometimes doing the right things doesn’t always get us the immediate results that we are looking for. That we we do what’s difficult and “right” we don’t experience the instant gratification that those of us […]


How do you speak to yourself…?

If I spoke to the people in my life the way the voice in my head talks to me I would surely be friendless! It came as a real “aha” moment this morning while working with my personal coach, that I am just downright mean to myself. I suddenly began to understand why it is […]

The Dancer Within | By Gwen Podbrey

In July 1518, the French town of Strasbourg endured a bitter summer of unrelenting drought. The failed harvest added to the locals’ already penurious situation and the intense heat had also caused outbreaks of fever. The pervasive feeling was one of dread and, overwhelmingly, entrapment in circumstances too great and remote to control. This was […]

What is the difference between abstinence and recovery?

One of the very first questions I ask my clients when we start working together is “What does recovery mean to you?”  The answers vary, but most of them tend to talk about abstinence.  And for most people recovery does mean abstinence, but recovery is not just abstinence!  In my opinion, recovery certainly involves “stopping”, […]

Portugal Decriminalized All Drugs Eleven Years Ago And The Results Are Staggering

On July 1st, 2001, Portugal decriminalized every imaginable drug, from marijuana, to cocaine, to heroin. Some thought Lisbon would become a drug tourist haven, others predicted usage rates among youths to surge.Eleven years later, it turns out they were both wrong.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman did not have choice or free will and neither do you.

In the wake of the tragic loss of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, a great artist, partner, father, brother, and son, I offer the following facts about the neurological disease of addiction. Read full article here

Russell Brand: my life without drugs

Russell Brand has not used drugs for 10 years. He has a job, a house, a cat, good friends. But temptation is never far away. He wants to help other addicts, but first he wants us to feel compassion for those affected. Read the whole article here

Hope is what excites me

“I came into this course with a rudimentary knowledge of Coaching from an 8-month Eating Psychology Coaching online course around nourishment, and little practical experience. I was not sure what to expect, particularly given my own recovery experience through AA. What drew me to Coaching was the inherent premise that , in the wellness universe, […]

Excited and thrilled to be on this journey

“I am intrigued and inspired by the concept of coaching, as an addition to counseling and therapy, especially in the recovery world. I am excited and thrilled to be on this journey, and thankful that I have found this path to a new way of helping people, and to help this world become a better […]