You Can Make a DIFFERENCE!

Being a Public Benefit Organisation Means Three Things:

  1. We are here to benefit the public. Which means that we leave NO ONE BEHIND when it comes to benefiting from addiction recovery.
  2. Because the public benefit from our organisations, when your organisations benefit community’s benefit as well.
  3. We cannot do this great work if you cant assist us with your time and support. Everyone is impacted by addiction so support us in TRAINING, EMPOWERING & TREATING all those that have been impacted by addiction.

Thanks to the miraculous power of digital technology

and the resources we’ve received from organisations such as Workplace by Facebook , Google for Non-Profits, Dial – a – Nerd and Cool Ideas – we’ve been able to spread our message and our recovery coaching to addicts (and everyone impacted by addiction) all over the world. The umbrella entity we’ve created for this is the Global Wellness Education Network (GWEN), a dynamic and extremely exciting network of coaching hubs which, in turn, are allied to numerous supportive resources and technologies.

GWEN is expanding on an almost weekly basis, with more and more initiatives joining us as partners in training coaches and building recovery capital on other continents. These include Best of You in New Zealand (run by Jae Walford), Be the Change Coaching (run by Leigh-Anne Brierley in Johannesburg, South Africa), This is Africa (run in London by Tia Boulton), TLCK (an outreach project for high schools in Greater Johannesburg run by Fatima Farred and Mureeda Jadwat),
Recovery Connections in Middlesbrough, UK, Global Education Hub in Botswana, Outside In, Keystone Recovery in Hong Kong, Rites of Passage/Tata Project (based in Perth, Australia), U-ACT Cape Town Recovery Coaching and Recovery Capital Solutions, Inc (an online coaching company registered in Delaware, USA) and many others.

The interface for all these initiatives is the U-ACT Workplace network, an expansive online community comprising dozens of chat rooms, discussion groups, coaching groups, newsrooms, blog spots, study notes, videos and cultural platforms where our students, coaches and affiliates all over the world continually interact, sharing experiences, learning, opinions and insights about addiction (and its underlying pathology), sustainable recovery and – crucially – the growing need for real solutions to a problem which affects all ages, all economic classes, all races, all educational levels, and all sectors of society.

Addiction is, indeed, the most democratic – and most metastatic – affliction in the modern world.  Uniting the many diverse affiliates and organisations in GWEN is a single, passionate vision of ridding the world of this scourge, repairing the lives and communities damaged by it, and helping them claim a fulfilling future.  If you’d like to help us in this magnificent work by making a donation, click here.

We are also very grateful to the following organisations : all of whom provide resources that have enabled us to build  the Global Wellness Education Network ( GWEN ) as well as Ambassadors of Social Change . Being a registered organisation with TechSoup SA places us in a position to expand this work globally and as a result we has created a sustainable solution TIA (This is Africa ) an initiative  that Empowers individuals in creating their own Recovery Coaching Practice all of which can be understood at Recovery Capital Solutions.

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