The Foundation Clinic is the U-ACT Trust’s flagship treatment centre in Johannesburg.

The treatment and wellness package will include:

  • Treatment and Wellness Programmes including therapy and coaching
  • Admission consultation with medical practitioner
  • Accommodation, laundry and meals
  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Assistance with planning recreational activities during final three weeks.

Exclusions on the programme fees are:

  • Chronic and psychiatric medications
  • Opiate detox and maintenance medications such as suboxone
  • Additional consultation(s) with medical doctor
  • Psychiatric consultations
  • Additional therapy and coaching sessions
  • Private room (there is a single supplement rate of R1,040/day)

Cost of the programme (excluding flights, car hire, recreational activities and any visa requirements):

  • GBP 6,450.00
  • USD 8, 150.00
  • AUD 9, 950.00
  • HKD 55, 750.00
  • International prices are subject to change depending on exchange rates.  These are approximate amounts, excluding international transfer fees.

The programme fee does not include travel, accommodation, entrance fees to places of interest, car hire or flights, or additional fees for consultations with independent professionals.

The programme length can be tailored to fit the specific needs of individual clients.  This is just an example of the programme we can put together.

For more information about The Foundation Clinic please visit

Contact information:

Leigh-Anne Brierley | Organisational & Programme Manager


Phone: +27(10)900-3131 | +27(61)526-0581 (Cell phone – WhatsApp Calls/Messages)