“The instruments of darkness tell us truths.” – Shakespeare, Macbeth

DAVID COLLINS, an internationally certified master coach with a wealth of experience in both the corporate realm and the field of addiction recovery, invites you to a series of three workshops drawing on a central theme. They all deal with two cataclysmic periods in modern history and aim to explore the crucial lessons each one offers for corporate leaders in today’s world. The workshops will excavate the rise, structure and pathology of two profoundly immoral regimes – Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa – and their aftermath in the 21st century.

While the circumstances, modus operandi and scale of atrocities each regime committed cannot – and should not – be compared, their ultimate objectives and their strategic use of deception, seduction, isolationism and repression were very similar. Each regime capsized the moral foundation on which it had previously rested, each became a pariah in the civilised world and each demanded (and obtained) complicity from its citizens in condoning the unthinkable. Crucially, each dealt with its opponents and critics in a similar manner and in both cases, behind the nominal outrage of the world at their excesses, there was a bulwark of support, funding and endorsement which helped them succeed in instituting wholesale economic exploitation. The role of business and, particularly, industry was key in facilitating both regimes.

The lessons to be gleaned from both regimes and the tactics used to enforce them are more powerful today than they have ever been and challenge us to examine leadership, loyalty, expediency and the price of coercion in ourselves and those most impacted by our decisions. These lessons are also to be found in the way restitution (if not retribution), justice and the restoration of justice have been achieved.  

In our contemporary corporate landscape, the collapse of boundaries thanks to social media, the celerity of communication thanks to digital technology and the rise of global trends which often overturn the values we were taught to embrace have left business leadership in territory it needs to navigate afresh. Charting a way forward, living the corporate values we stand for and transforming the working environment – and, indeed, the entire working experience – into a new and future-fit permutation are challenges all of us need to overcome.

Enrol for these three events which are bound to be surprising, instructive and impactful.

Cost: The Trust has paid for for three sessions (including a workshop/discussion, followed by lunch and a tour of the venue on each day)

Participants may also enroll for only one or two of the workshops, each of which a donation would be appreciated. Alternatively, companies may enroll for two or three workshops, but send a different delegate to each of them.

The proceeds from the series will be allocated to training Recovery Coaches to assist individuals, families, communities and organisations that are challenged with substance abuse and addictive behavior disorders.  U-ACT’s mandate is to train, empower and treat and create wellness within the South African community through co-creative, collaborative conversations.

Being a registered section 18a Public Benefit Organisation all costs are 100% Tax deductible donations. We will issue Sec18 Tax Certificates on receipt of payment. Thank you for your donation.

For reservations and further information, contact U-ACT: +27 10 900 3131 or David Collins on +27  (0) 83-288-0309

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