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The Ubuntu Academy of Coaching and Training’s mandate is to:

  • TRAIN individuals, groups, communities and organisations.  n the fast-paced world we live in, U-ACT online training offers aspiring recovery coaches the opportunity to complete their certified, professional recovery coach qualification through our extensive online training school.
  • EMPOWER individuals to personal responsibility and accountability for their recovery and wellness.
  • TREAT individuals at our flagship treatment centre, The Foundation Clinic, as well as aid in the development of community treatment programmes.

Online training is facilitated by coaches from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, The USA and United Kingdom.  Classes are scheduled so that students can design their own timetable and take advantage of the experience and knowledge of our passionate facilitation team.

The training takes place via live video feeds and the sessions and is collaborative and experiential, allowing coaches the chance to start coaching from the very first class.  Support is offered through the additional video resources, notes, learning materials and peer support on U-ACT’s Workplace platform.  Training coaches are encouraged to connect with their peers between sessions to practice the skills and tools that they introduced to in the online classes.  Online supervision is also available to coaches to support their ongoing personal and professional development.

U-ACT also offers live 5-Day Intensive training in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UK.  For more information, please have a look at the love training options below.

U-ACT Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS)

Peer Recovery Specialists are trained to support individuals and families that are challenged with substance abuse and addictive behaviour disorders.  As a Peer Specialist you will be trained in the coaching conversation to aid in assisting your clients to empower themselves in their personal recovery.  By understanding and implementing the Systemic Coaching Model, peer recovery specialists are able to assist and support in the development of personal Recovery Capital.  Recovery Capital is the internal and external resources developed and acquired to support sustainable recovery.  Peer Specialists will also have the opportunity to assist individuals on Pocket Rehab which is an online recovery resource.

PRS Training Format

Coaches have a choice of weekly live video classes that they can enroll in to complete 16 hours of facilitated training.

The training is self-directed and requires coaches to manage their own professional pathway to their coaching certification.

Coaches are required to log the classes that they attend.

Between classes coaches need to apply the skills, tools and frameworks that they are being introduced to in order to complete:

  1. 40 hours of logged peer support coaching on Pocket Rehab
  2. 5 logged hours of being coached on the Global Wellness Education Network (GWEN)
  3. 2-page self-reflection journal
  4. 10-minute recorded coaching sessions
  5. 3-4 session case study written case study with a single client
  6. An open-book, online exam
  7. A video coaching assessment by a U-ACT Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Facilitator/Assessor

Following this process the coach will be certified as a U-ACT Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS)

Once certification is complete you will be able to support individuals across the globe on the Pocket Rehab Coaching Network!

Further training opportunities are available to coaches wishing to train as Certified Professional Recovery Coaches (CPRC) with U-ACT.

The team is also developing a professional Business Coach certification which will be available soon.

All U-ACT Coaches and Peer Recovery Specialists are required to sign a U-ACT Code of Ethics (Click here to Download)

We have been able to create the GWEN & U-ACT Online School through the collaboration with:

For more information about structuring the payment of your fees, please visit our DONATE page

U-ACT is a Section 18A Trust and all proceeds are used to TRAIN, EMPOWER & TREAT those who are financially under-resourced.  U-ACT offers financial, emotional, mental, spiritual and social support to address the challenges families, communities and organisations face at a grassroots level.

We train and up-skill communities so that they are able to support one another through the use of the Recovery Coaching framework.  We empower our coaches to engage in courageous conversations around substance abuse, recovery, transformation, support, diversity and social upliftment.