“The whole experience has been incredibly transformative on so many levels of my life. My own interpretation of my addiction and past traumatic experiences has undergone a huge shift in awareness, especially regarding my own belief systems. The best way of describing it would be a rebirth of my reality and consciousness.

I am now able to go into my immediate community and offer a new way of dealing with differences in society. I am able to help facilitate awareness within the gay and especially the gay HIV positive community, as coaching is incredible goal and action orientated, thus creating a vision of the future. Through coaching the client moves past the social discrimination and stigma and into a healthy belief system which supports themselves and the community at large.

The process I have undergone through this course has enabled me to dream for a better future and believe that it is possible! I believe that coaching is the future of treatment for addiction and various other problems facing society.”

Johan Potgieter


“I absolutely love the course! The best part of the course for me was not only the practical experience that supports the theory and the real life examples, but the environment that is conducive to learning without fear – its that supportive, encouraging and life changing!


A few weeks later and I am a witness to beautiful changes in my own life that also has an impact towards people around me. When I experience those moments, I know with absolute certainty – that’s what I learnt as a result of attending that course! It has opened a whole new world for me, even as a vocation!”

 Michael Reid


“From my own personal experience I came into the course with the belief that recovery coaching works. Having completed the 3 modules I now understand the theory behind how and why it works. I learned a lot about coaching, the brain, people, behavior, addiction and recovery. I have learned some fantastic tools that I am practicing in coaching and in my life. I learned a lot about myself and feel expanded.


The course is fascinating. The learning experience is intimate and authentic. David and Lila are enigmatic & wise teachers with great knowledge and expertise to impart.”

Katherine Farrell, Discovery Health


“I warmly commend the U-ACT course in coaching to anyone interested in helping people with personal problems whatever the nature of their interest. I attended the course for reasons of both personal development and in order to form a view on whether this kind of coaching might have an important role to play in helping people with problems related to excessive gambling. I got a great deal out of it personally and came away fully persuaded that this approach to helping people has a major role to play in all forms of therapy and counselling as well as constituting a stand-alone strategy for directly and dramatically helping people with many different types of problem. This may range from those related to recovering from an addiction or other behavioural disorder to those encountered in ordinary personal relationships and working life. Particularly impressive aspects of the course are: its emphasis on encouraging clients to themselves identify the solutions to their problems in the course of conversational relationships amongst equals; its highly imaginative use of metaphors of many different kinds in order to generate insight into characterological dispositions; its selective but non-dogmatic use of multiple theories; and – perhaps most important of all – its emphasis on utterly honest commitment to, and care for the real well-being of clients.”

Prof Peter Collins, Executive Director South African

National Responsible Gambling Foundation.