5-Day Intensive Cape Town:

  • Wednesday, 5 – Sunday, 9 February 2020
  • Wednesday, 27 – Sunday, 31 May 2020


Nikki Edwards


+27 (066) 223-4240


Recovery Coaching is a progressive approach to supporting and developing individuals.

The 5-day experiential workshop will give your team the opportunity to:

Learn and practice coaching tools and techniques to develop personal, family, community and organisational wellness.

Learn to take accountability from a place of personal authenticity.

Undertake courageous conversations in personal and professional relationships.

Understand and embrace workplace transformation and professional change in a constructive, forward-focused way.

Address diversity within the family, community and workplace from a healthy adult space.

Utilise effective communication techniques to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Become familiar with the systemic model of wellness and be able to apply the modality to relationship building, team growth and development, and organizational wellness.

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This training will also be coordinated by Nikki in collaboration with the team at Pocket Rehab, based in New Jersey, USA.

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