New Zealand – 5 Day Community Intensive

Finally the 5 Day Intensive is coming to New Zealand.

Call Hamish on +64 22 674 6693 or Jae on +64 212 880 0200

or alternatively email them on or

see you there !!!!!

Coaching in your Life

Recovery Coaching is a progressive approach to supporting and developing individuals.

The 5-day experiential workshop will give your team the opportunity to:

  • Learn and practice coaching tools and techniques to develop personal, family, community and organisational wellness.
  • Learn to take accountability from a place of personal authenticity.
  • Undertake courageous conversations in personal and professional relationships.
  • Understand and embrace workplace transformation and professional change in a constructive, forward-focused way.
  • Address diversity within the family, community and workplace from a healthy adult space.
  • Utilise effective communication techniques to strengthen interpersonal relationships.
  • Become familiar with the systemic model of wellness and be able to apply the modality to relationship building, team growth and development, and organizational wellness.

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